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Multivendor Server Management

Minder Singh
January 3, 2009

Raritan’s vendor-agnostic solution for heterogeneous environments lets you access embedded service processors, blade/rack servers, virtual environments and KVM systems worldwide – from one interface.

You’re already dealing with servers from multiple manufacturers. As well as multiple locations. The last thing you need is multiple management solutions. Fortunately, Raritan can help, with our vendor-agnostic Multivendor Server Management solution.

Driven by our CommandCenter® Secure Gateway (CC-SG), it provides stronger support for service processor management, virtual server management and stand-alone server management. Plus, it offers enhanced integration with Power IQ®, for convenient control of PDUs from Raritan and other manufacturers.

Available as a rack-mountable hardware appliance or a VMware®-ready virtual appliance, our solution provides you with integrated, secure, and simplified access and control of all technology platforms at the application, operating system, and BIOS level.

Plus, from a single IP address using a standard Web browser, you can access, control and manage all your physical/virtual servers, rack PDUs, and serial devices located anywhere in the world.

Multivendor server management is easier than ever before. 
With our solution, you’ll take advantage of:

  • Comprehensive support for your heterogeneous, multivendor IT infrastructure
  • Seamless integration with Raritan’s Dominion® KX II, KSX II, and KX II-101 KVM-over-IP switches for secure, effortless server management
  • Integration with Dominion SX, for remote access and management of serially-controlled devices
  • Convenient management of VMware virtual servers and hosts
  • Support for accessing servers managed through embedded processors like iLO2, DRAC, and interfaces such as IPMI, RDP, and SSH
  • Integration with third-party KVM switches, so you can update your management capabilities and keep your existing KVM infrastructure, or leverage integration for a controlled, gradual migration to a complete Raritan solution
  • Enhanced data integration with Power IQ for combined server and rack PDU management from a single interface

Try our Multivendor Server Management solution now.

Experience all the benefits of Raritan’s Multivendor Server Management solution for no cost and no obligation – and see for yourself how our Multivendor Server Management solution can help you become even more productive in your data center.

For instant and unaided IP access to our CC-SG Centralized Server Management solution, click the button below and take a look for yourself.


Or download a free virtualized evaluation copy of CC-SG for up to 16 nodes and interfaces 
(runs on VMware, including ESXi and VMware Server).

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