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4 Ways Intelligent PDUs Can Help you Save Money

Nina Kvitka
December 20, 2013


1. Use metering to help you identify “ghost servers.” A SUN survey estimates 8 to 10% of servers are “ghost” servers (servers running idle). Using an intelligent metered PDU, such as one of Raritan’s PX models can help you identify these servers. Exorcise ghost servers and save real money.

2. While you’re at it, use the same data to help identify older, less efficient servers. Replacing older servers with new, energy-efficient models reduces server power consumption by 25%.

3. Set up some smart sensors with your intelligent PDU to learn where you’re overcooling your data center. PX environmental sensors monitor temperature and alert you when user-defined high (too warm) and low (excessively cool) thresholds are exceeded. Use the ASHRAE defined standards and safely raise temperatures, saving energy and money on excessive cooling.

4. Make your capacity planning and provisioning decisions with real-time data. Intelligent PDUs gather the data to make your data center’s true power capacity visible.

Experiment with the Raritan Power Management ROI Calculator to see how the savings can add up for your data center.