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4 Reasons Why Xerus Technology Platform APIs Make Your Data Center Management Easier

Scott Fier
December 6, 2017

Using Open APIs to craft-specific and dedicated applications is one of the many advantages of the Raritan solution. We’ve identified 4 exclusive applications that leverage Xerus, a Raritan technology platform common to all intelligent products (iPDUs, BCM, transfer switches, sensors, and inline meters).

Raritan provides those comprehensive, full SDK, APIs for its PX line of PDUs as well as its Access products (Dominion SX2 serial console and KX3 KVM) through CommandCenter Secure Gateway.  Several example API scripts have been written for the PX PDU and can be modified for use with any third-party system.

We’ve illustrated here 4 main applications and good reasons why Raritan’s Xerus Technology Platform will make your day-to-day work as a data center manager easier and more efficient.