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4 Reasons Why Xerus Technology Platform APIs Make Your Data Center Management Easier

Posted on December 6, 2017 by Scott Fier

Using Open APIs to craft-specific and dedicated applications is one of the many advantages of the Raritan solution. We’ve identified 4 exclusive applications that leverage Xerus, Raritan technology platform common to all intelligent products (iPDUs, iBCM, transfer switches, sensors and inline meters).

Raritan provides those comprehensive, full SDK, APIs for its PX line of PDUs as well is its Access products (Dominion SX2 serial console and KX3 KVM) through CommandCenter Secure Gateway.  Several example API scripts have been written for the PX PDU and can be modified for use with any 3rd party system.

We’ve illustrated here 4 main applications and good reasons why Raritan’s Xerus technology platform will make your day-to-day work as a data center manager easier and more efficient.

1. Easy CMDB, DCIM or BMS Asset Provisioning:

For both enterprise and colocation deployments, users often have to commission IT assets and power units into a 3rd party CMDB or DCIM software. Users equipped with Raritan can automate this commissioning process across their operation and automatically name outlets, set custom metering thresholds, and control/power cycle outlets on their PDUs.

Using Xerus Open APIs with JSONRPC or LUA scripting, users can transfer commands to their PDU devices directly from their CMDB, DCIM or BMS.

A wide variety of programming languages can be used in conjunction, and Raritan engineering can provide custom scripting support services.

2. Labs Equipment Commissioning Made Easier:

In the case of provisioning power into a lab to test equipment, users will be able to remotely and automatically switch-on power to their equipment at certain predetermined hours, correlating the PDU outlets to their specific schedule. This level of automation is achieved using Raritan’s Xerus platform SDK with pre-existing automation rules.

3. Access-Through Ticketing System:

Users utilizing ticketing systems can leverage API support in their PDU or KVM/Serial console in order to access and control specific troubled assets directly from their ticketing system. Thus gaining time and facilitating the customer interaction while gaining a single command interface and solving issues.

4. Facilitating Commoditization of Services for Colocation:

Using Xerus, colocation providers can develop a single portal for all customers to access and control their assets.  Any tenant or customer can access or provision assets and control power from the colocation service menu, without needing direct access to the various management systems normally required. This type of automation and gateway deployment provides unique power control flexibility to Colocation tenants while facilitating accurate charge-back models.

Available Scripting Models:

Provided below are four examples of the most commonly used scripts written in python utilizing Xerus PX API/SDK.  The SDK and API documentation can be downloaded from the firmware and documentation site at  Select PX3 from the products drop-down menu.

1. getoutlet.  Based on an argument in the command line, will return one of these:  state, name, voltage, amperage, watts (active power), voltamps (apparent power), powerfactor, kwh.

  • Syntax: >python  getoutlet    state/name/     
  • Example A: > python getoutlet 1 voltage admin Raritan
  • Example B: > python getoutlet 4 state admin Raritan

2. turnoffoutlet.  This turns an outlet off.

  • Syntax: > python turnoffoutlet
  • Example (turns off outlet 3):> python turnoffoutlet 3 admin Raritan

3. turnonoutlet.  This turns an outlet on.  Syntax is the same as turnoffoutlet

4. setoutletname.  This sets the name of an outlet.

  • Syntax: >python setoutletname          
  • Example: > python setoutletname 12 ExchangeServer1 admin raritan

To learn more about the powerful, versatile, Xerus technology platform visit

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