Professional Services

Professional Services

Data Center Consulting and Services

Raritan offers a range of services for its KVM and Power solutions. In most cases, you can schedule an appointment within two weeks, and once scheduled, many services can be completed in two days or less. 

To make an appointment or for more information, email Raritan or call 1 (800) 724-8090.


KVM + CC-SG Basic Installation Service

Basic installation of a Raritan centralized infrastructure management solution. Includes installation and configuration of Raritan's CommandCenter Secure Gateway, up to four supported DKX3, DKX4-101, and DSX2 devices, connectivity for up to 64 customer-connected KVM or serially controlled devices, integration with the customer's IP network and related management system training at one location. T & L is included.

KVM + CC-SG Expanded Installation Service

Expansion of the Basic service to support more devices, ports, and locations for an entire data center or multiple geographically dispersed backup and remote data centers.

Raritan Solution Training or Support Session

A knowledge transfer course designed for basic users, or users installing equipment at a client site. Custom training sessions on Raritan equipment are also available on request.

  • Basic user training on Raritan equipment, specify ONE unit.
  • General training on the installation and use of Raritan equipment in a customer environment, specify TWO units (an engineer will conduct the training and installation).
  • Custom training on Raritan equipment, ONE unit will be charged for EACH day required to develop and deliver the training.


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