PXE Metered Rack PDUs

Rack Power Strips Single Phase 120V to Three-Phase 208V

Raritan’s PXE rack power strip (rack PDU) series comes in 1U and Zero U models; voltages from single-phase 120V to three-phase 208V; 15A to 50A;  and various combinations of IEC C-13, IEC C-19, and NEMA 5-20R outlets.  But the PXE is more than a simple rack mount power strip.  It offers features that allow you to remotely monitor the power consumed by IT equipment in the server room or data center. 

More Than a Basic Rack Power Strip

Unlike basic rack mount power strips that merely distribute electricity to IT equipment, the PXE series offers real-time remote power monitoring of power at the inlet: RMS current per line (amps), RMS voltage per line pair, apparent and active power (kVA, kW), power factor and energy consumption (kWh).

In addition to showing power data on a local LED display, these power strips can also feed data to a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system such as Power IQ.  Information from other intelligent PDUs fed to Power IQ will make it easier to aggregate data from all of your racks and make informed capacity planning and energy saving decisions.

PXE Power Strips Support Environment Monitoring

The PXE family of rack power strips offers support for up to sixteen environmental sensors.  That means you won’t have to incur the additional cost of installing a separate environmental controller to power and collect environment data from sensors. 

By using plug-and-play environment sensors, you can more accurately track the conditions in your aisles and racks.  You can even program your rack power strips to alert you whenever a threshold has been exceeded. This makes it easier to act on a hot spot before it causes your equipment to fail. 

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