Get the Most Out of Your Infrastructure

The need to get the most out of your data center infrastructure has never been greater. Raritan’s Xerus Technology Platform is industry proven and engineered to scale with the demands of ever-changing digital growth, security threats, and efficiency requirements.

The Xerus Technology Platform is a stack of technologies that range from the PDU's interface to the hardware that distributes power to your servers, storage, and networking equipment. Xerus forms the backbone of all Raritan products and delivers security, insights, and seamless interoperability.

  • In-house designed Xerus firmware allows for continuous innovation to address the rapidly changing needs of the data center
  • The platform’s open, interoperable architecture fosters nimble and future-proof application development with SNMP, MODBUS, open REST based APIs, and a Redfish® API
  • Its web-based graphical user interface allows you to communicate directly with a device enabling wherever-you-go monitoring and visibility into your data center


Get Real-Time Visibility at the Cabinet-level

Xerus brings real-time analytics and actionable intelligence for empowered decision-making.

  • Collect and act on potentially thousands of metering data points across your facility
  • Increase visibility into business impacting errors and hazardous environmental conditions
  • Get alerts and notifications on excessive power usage or extreme conditions before they impact uptime


Delivering Unparalleled Security

Xerus enhances security across your entire infrastructure with the latest network security protocols, advanced data encryption methods, strong password policies, and login protection.

  • Exceed enterprise-level IT security requirements
  • Secure and encrypt all device communications
  • Control user access to guard against errors and malicious intents
  • Protect against breaches and stay ahead of potential threats


Empowering DCIM to Optimize Operations

Xerus’s developer-friendly integration tools allow easy automation and seamless data transfer directly into any BMS or DCIM software—saving time and helping you better understand critical power, environmental, and asset data.

  • Aggregate critical infrastructure data into any DCIM, CMDB, or BMS software
  • Seamlessly discover, import, and control devices by energy management software
  • Leverage developer tools, APIs, and SDKs to create your own custom functionality


Build a Solid Infrastructure for the Long-Run

The Xerus Technology Platform delivers reliability and continuous uptime for your data center with battle-tested firmware that has withstood billions of hours of runtime in the world’s most data intensive environments.

  • Xerus firmware upgrades are released regularly to support the evolving data center
  • Extensive device regression testing ensures the highest levels of uptime, security, and longer IT asset life cycles
  • Innovations through market and customer feedback deliver the most pertinent application to fuel and future-proof business growth and architecture


Activate the Intelligent Power Infrastructure of Your Data Center


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