Rack Mount Temperature & Environmental Monitoring

Watch the below video to see the latest rack mount temperature and environmental monitoring solution from Raritan, SmartSensors. SmartSensors are a comprehensive set of environmental sensors that deliver accurate data providing insights into your data center, server room and other IT rack environments. The advanced feature set allows for easy deployment, clear identification of hot spots, and better airflow management. SmartSensors models are available for monitoring environmental conditions, including; temperature, humidity, airflow, air pressure, water/leaks, contact closures, proximity detection, vibration and more.


Watch the Video Learn About SmartSensor

Managing mission critical facilities can be difficult, especially as data center power and cooling needs continue to increase to support new business applications. Data center managers need the right tools to measure and manage environmental risk factors impacting their operations uptime, availability, and cost.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Introducing SmartSensor: Environmental monitoring devices designed to give you constant insight into your operation! With Raritan’s SmartSensors you always know the state of your data center environment.

Raritan’s SmartSensors deliver the latest sensor technology, enabling the highest metering accuracy, easy plug and play deployment, and critical real-time notifications of potential threats in your environment. SmartSensors are available for temperature and humidity, air pressure, airflow, proximity, vibration, and contact closure.

An industry first, SmartSensor offers RJ45 connectivity, greatly improving deployment speed. Simply position all sensors exactly where you need them, then connect with standard network cables! They’re also designed for hot swappable replacement, keeping the existing wiring in place and allowing you to just replace the sensor head.

Raritan Xerus technology platform is at the core of each sensor allowing up to 32 SmartSensors to be deployed on a single cable chain, from a single sensor port.

SmartSensor technology provides the highest flexibility of deployment as any sensor type can be mixed and matched depending on your application needs. Xerus Firmware will recognize each sensor type positioned in a given chain automatically, making data collection into any management software easy and fast.

For better alerting on site, SmartSensor is equipped with a status LED; pre-programmed patterns blink to alert you when the sensor crosses a given threshold or when Firmware is being updated, enabling you to stay in full control.

For remote alerts, you can set triggers with or without Power IQ DCIM software and get notifications through email or text anytime your environmental conditions are at risk.

SmartSensor offers additional convenience with its Plug-and-Play technology. Simply connect it to your existing Raritan infrastructure to seamlessly instrument the entire white space, while gathering critical insights impacting your equipment efficiency and uptime.

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