Dominion® KX IV-101

High Performance KVM Switch
Single-Port KVM-over-IP with 4K Video

The Dominion KX IV-101, Raritan’s fourth generation high performance 4K KVM-over-IP Switch, provides a new level of Ultra HD performance for remote management. More powerful than any other KVM-over-IP switch, it supports unblocked, Java-free anytime, anywhere, BIOS-level remote access of servers, PC’s and workstations. The KX IV-101 connects to a single computer, providing un-blocked access to multiple users via laptop, PC or Dominion User Station.


Learn About KX IV-101

Broadcast, control rooms, labs, remote facilities, government, military, and manufacturing all have unique and demanding remote access and management needs. They need high performance remote access, but with the flexibility that only an IP-based KVM switch can provide.

Raritan has responded with the most powerful and flexible KVM-over-IP switch ever, the ultra-performance, single-port Dominion KX IV-101. This revolutionary product provides Java-free, BIOS-level remote access, management and control of a single server, PC or workstation — anytime, anywhere.

The all-digital, Dominion KX4 101 provides new levels of IP performance with:

  • Higher video resolutions, up to 4K resolution
  • Faster frame rates, up to 60 frames per second
  • Higher video quality with 444 color
  • Up to 3 times faster virtual media performance
  • And digital audio via HDMI

For labs, broadcast and control rooms the KX User Station provides high-performance access of multiple computers. A powerful new KX IV User Station supports 4K video, 60 frames per second, and 3 monitors.

This flexible IP solution works over LAN, WAN and even the Internet for emergency out-of-hours IT support. Accessible via Laptop, PC and smartphone, it supports users, managers, engineering and IT.

The KX IV delivers productivity, reliability and security, with popular features such as:

  • virtual media
  • absolute mouse synchronization
  • LDAP & Active Directory authentication
  • and AES encryption.

The KX IV can even turn computers and devices on or off via a new external device control feature. Plus, with Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway, the KX IV can support the largest multi-site deployments, with thousands of devices.

Raritan’s history of KVM innovation spans over 3 decades; we are trusted in over 60,000 locations worldwide. With our fourth generation Dominion KX IV, we’ve created the world’s fastest and most flexible KVM over IP solution to support the most demanding and challenging environments and applications.


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