White Paper: 5G, Smart Cities, and Edge

White Paper: 5G, Smart Cities, and Edge — The IoT in Our Lives

BlockOps Getting Your Blockchain Off to the Right StartIn this industry brief, we discuss the IoT, its relationship to Smart Cities and 5G wireless, and how IoT, Smart Cities, and 5G will require remotely managed intelligent power to deliver on the promises of better information and control, resulting in improved lifestyles and greater efficiency.

Billions of IoT devices are expected to come online globally over the next decade. Because they will be widely dispersed and require so many ancillary support systems, having remotely managed intelligent power to run both the IoT devices and the systems they work with to make sense both logistically and economically. Intelligent power takes the form of power distribution units that have onboard communications capable of remotely monitoring power consumption, scheduling outlet power on and off, shedding load to maximize uptime when on battery / UPS, and implementing graceful shutdowns whenever a temperature threshold is exceeded.

The IoT will have gateways, aggregators, and edge compute locations distributed across a myriad of environments physical environments and operating conditions and will no longer be confined to a centralized data center. As such, getting a trained technician out to the hardware takes time and money. Paying a little more upfront for intelligent power solutions, with remote management capabilities, can help your IoT application or its supporting network get back online faster through automation or a more educated manual intervention.

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