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To DCIM or not to DCIM - That is the question

Posted on March 12, 2012 by Website Administrator

You may be wondering if a DCIM solution is right for you. According to Analyst, Rakesh Kumar at Gartner, there are six events that should trigger your decision to invest in a DCIM solution. The six are:

1. Specific power, cooling and floor space capacity issues

2. Data center consolidation projects

3. Building new data centers

4. Data center financial and cost reviews

5. Technical and architectural changes

6. Environment and sustainability focus

So the answer to the question, “To DCIM or not to DCIM” should definitely be: Yes, DCIM!

Raritan offers a comprehensive, yet easy to implement, cost effective DCIM solution designed to help you effectively manage the space, power and cooling within your datacenter.

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