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Support for Running the Virtual CC-SG License Manager on a VM

June 30, 2012

Until now, Raritan’s support for running the Flexera License Server Manager with the virtual CommandCenter Secure Gateway was limited to physical, standalone hosts.  That has now changed.  A new set of files has been posted on the CommandCenter Secure Gateway support site, which enables CC-SG virtual appliance customers to install the Flexera License Manager on a VMware virtual server.

What’s changed?  A new Raritan Vendor Daemon (version 2.0) is provided in the License Manager zipped file.  It allows for installation on both physical and virtual hosts.  The link is located in the “Other Support Files” section of the CC-SG support page.

The new License Manager is backward compatible with virtual CC’s running versions 5.0.5, 5.1.0, and 5.2.0.

To take advantage of this enhancement, customers do not need to upgrade their virtual CC-SG software.  However,  migration from a physical host to a virtual host requires re-licensing and installation of new license file(s).  This is because the virtual machine will have a different UUID than the physical server.  Customers that are making this change will need to contact Tech Support and request to have their CC-SG licenses reset in the Raritan licensing portal.  They will then be able to generate new licenses using the new UUID.

If not migrating from a physical host to a virtual host, existing customers need to take no action.