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Server Huggers in a Changing Data Center World

Minder Singh
November 27, 2013

Man Hugging Keyboard infront of Server Rack

This past week, while prepping for an interview with Ron Vokoun of JE Dunn, he used a funny phrase that struck us as timely:

Server Huggers, (noun): IT professionals who dread moving their IT infrastructure off site for fear of losing control.

Ron’s phrase reminded us of a previous interview that discussed the inevitability of change in self-managed data centers among mid-size companies. In that interview, Joel Bryan, Global Customer Support Manager at Raritan, discussed how data centers must continue to expand in size over the next few years to accommodate increased enterprise demands. Mid-size companies generally move IT infrastructure into colocation facilities for the following reasons:

  • Excessive Cost
  • Complicated Expansion
  • Long Setup Time

When experts in a colocation facility manage your infrastructure, you have infinite room for growth, can set everything up in the click of a button, and spend less for it.

Still, one can understand the need to keep your eye on critical equipment.

To help server huggers cope with separation anxiety, Raritan offers highly effective and innovative tools for remotely monitoring and managing your servers that will give you the confidence to let your servers live a little further away from home.

And when the racks in that colocation facility are fitted with Raritan iPDUs and coupled with Power IQ power management software, you can watch the power efficiency – i.e. health - of each piece of your equipment down to the outlet level.

You can let go now, Server Huggers. We’ve got you.

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