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How Remote Outlet Switching on Rack Mount PDUs Leads to Smarter Data Center Management

Michael Bord
September 30, 2014

As of late, the concept of the smart home appears to be gaining greater traction as new vendors like Wink and established players like Amazon race to develop a new generation of interconnected consumer products that promise to revolutionize our homes and daily lives.  One of the most important aspects of this new generation of products will be the ability for consumers to control their devices and appliances remotely. It’s a concept that’s equally as important for devices and technologies used within the enterprise.

Rack mount PDUs were once devices that merely distributed power to IT devices.  But, as the needs of users have evolved, vendors have enhanced their products to provide greater intelligence and remote management capabilities.  Consider for instance how users can leverage remote outlet switching on their rack PDUs to have greater control over their data centers and improve workflow, efficiency, safety, and uptime.