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Healthcheck: Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Paula Alves
May 11, 2012

Patient Profile:

An IT Infrastructure that includes Raritan’s KVM and Access products for support of BIOS-level remote access and control of physical and virtual servers, intelligent PDUs, and serial devices.  This may include Dominion® KXII KVM-over-IP Switches, Dominion SX Secure Console Servers, Dominion KSX KVM-over-IP and Serial Access Appliances, or Raritan’s CommandCenter® Secure Gateway.


Not keeping up with version updates? Out of warranty products?  Not making the most use of your Raritan KVM investment?


Your critical business resources are at risk of not being there when you need them the most.


Raritan’s Healthcheck - an assessment of your current deployment and how you can get the most of your remote access and control.

Take advantage of our one day “HealthCheck” Service 50% off for qualified customers.*

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*Valid now to September 30, 2012. Subject to approval by Raritan Inc.  Offer available in U.S. and Canada only.