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For Existing CC-SG Customers It's Easy to Migrate to a Virtual CC

Posted on May 24, 2011 by Website Administrator

My last few blog posts have focused on the benefits of deploying the CommandCenter Secure Gateway as a virtual appliance (VA). Now, with the release of CC-SG 5.1, it’s time to talk about how CC-SG hardware appliance users are shifting over to a “virtual CC”.

First, a quick review… In November 2010, Raritan made CC-SG 5.0.5 available as VA — thereby providing customers with two deployment options: physical (i.e. hardware) or VA. Version 5.0.5 was the vehicle for delivering “Virtual CC” to the market; 5.0.5 firmware does not run on the physical appliance.

Now back to the future. I specifically mentioned release 5.1 above because this is the first version of CC-SG firmware that can run on either the physical or the virtual appliance. Because of this, the two appliance types are interoperable and the CC-SG database of one 5.1 unit can easily be copied over to another 5.1 unit — physical or virtual.  As a result, physical appliance owners now have an easy avenue toward moving to a virtual appliance if desired.


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