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Raritan’s access and control solutions enable virtually any device that has a KVM or serial connection, or embedded technologies (such as Dell® DRAC, HP® iLO and IBM® RSA) to be managed remotely down to the BIOS level for total control. Work can be done on stand-alone, blade and virtual servers, and serial-controlled network devices -- from anywhere.


Centralized Server Management Solution - a vendor-agnostic solution that delivers secure access to and management of in-band and out-of-band IT infrastructure from a single interface.

Enterprise-class KVM-over-IP switches - offer BIOS-level access and control of thousands of multiplatform servers, serial-based devices, test equipment and audio visual equipment.

Analog KVM switches - secure, analog solutions that give direct access and control of servers, network devices, test equipment and audio visual equipment.

Target Customers

Customers with data centers, server rooms, branch offices, IT labs.


Two-tier distribution (resellers and distributors).


  • Industry's first KVM switch.
  • Industry's best HD remote video resolution (1920 x1080 pixels).
  • First IP KVM Switch with 1080P HD Video Streaming Quality.
  • Universal Virtual Media -- enables administrators to remotely install software, transfer files, backup data and perform diagnostics.
  • First KVM-over-IP switch to support smart phones and tablets to manage remote servers.
  • Innovations in secure access. Raritan has built LDAP, RADIUS and Active Directory® integration, FIPS 140-2–certified encryption and smart card/CAC support (an industry first) into many of its products.

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