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Raritan’s Intelligent Power Management Technologies Support Cisco UCS Data Center Platform

Posted on June 28, 2010

- Raritan shows solutions that monitor and control energy use and heat generated by blade servers and other data center equipment; track data center cabling infrastructure; gather unique device-level power information over the network to manage power, capacity, and cooling needs—

LAS VEGAS (June 28, 2010) –  Raritan, a member of Cisco’s Developer Network, is demonstrating its suite of intelligent power management products for monitoring, controlling, and establishing energy policies in data centers.  Raritan’s solutions are designed to support high-performance data centers, such as those built on Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) blade servers, Cisco Nexus switches, and other components of the Cisco data center platform.

Raritan’s PX® intelligent rack power distribution units (iPDU) and Power IQ® Energy Management Software, for example, support the high-power requirements of blade servers.  Raritan’s three-phase 60A iPDU models can deliver up to 22kVA and support temperature and humidity sensors that monitor blade server inlet temperatures.  Power IQ can provide a data center manager valuable information about energy consumption and environmental conditions – such as peak load, energy cost, temperature trends, and carbon footprint. 

Raritan also will be showing at Cisco Live! how its dcTrack™ data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software tracks and manages the cable (fiber and copper) infrastructure topology in Cisco-equipped data centers.  Designed to improve capacity planning and utilization, and drive costs out of data center operations, Raritan’s DCIM software tracks a data center’s networking assets, as well as its connectivity—from the switch to the patch panel to the servers.  dcTrack’s extensive visual library includes Visio® stencils icons of Cisco equipment, with front and rear views.  Users can easily visualize and automate the tracking and management of IT and facility systems.  When a customer wants to add new equipment, dcTrack provides a bird’s eye view of whether or not there is space, power, cooling and floor load to support the physical provisioning of that equipment in the data center.

“Raritan’s remote access and power management technologies are designed to simplify management and control of data centers.  This includes keeping track of IT assets, their health, and their physical and logical relationships; managing and power cycling equipment remotely, and analyzing the potential power, cooling, and cabling effects when changes are made,” said Herman Chan, Director of Power and Management Solutions at Raritan.  “Our intelligent management solutions touch many interdependent layers in the data center and, as a result, enable customers to manage their data centers smarter.”

Solutions featured at the Cisco Live! conference (Raritan Booth #671) include: 

Raritan PX iPDU® provides valuable power usage insights on individual servers and other IT devices, as well as temperature and humidity at server racks.  Device-level information gathered by Raritan’s iPDUs helps data centers address availability, utilization, and cost of power, as well as provide useful information for the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  PowerIQ monitors current, voltage, power factor, active power, apparent power, and kWh (+/- 1% billing-grade accuracy) in real-time.  Organizations, for example, can use the detailed power information and PX’s remote management controls to set and implement dynamic power policies—such as scheduling equipment to turn off when not in use or creating “follow-the-moon” shut-down strategies—for significant energy savings.  Raritan offers the largest and most diverse iPDU product line.  The PX 4000 (unswitched) and PX 5000 (switched) iPDU models, and PX-3000 inline meters, for example, help meet the high-power requirements of blade servers.  There are three-phase 60A models that can deliver up to 22kVA.  All models support temperature and humidity sensors that monitor server inlet temperatures and environmental conditions at the rack.

Power IQ® Data Center Energy Management Software helps companies gather and analyze power intelligence from their data centers, and implement energy-saving actions, and secure power control from a central power console.  Power IQ collects a wide range of information from a variety of IT equipment—including all IT equipment connected to Raritan iPDUs and third-party Ethernet-enabled PDUs, as well as routers and disk arrays connected to rack or floor UPSs.  Power IQ provides graphical reports on energy costs, temperature readings, active power, line capacities, carbon footprint, server efficiencies, and other metrics.  Trending reports and cumulative totals can be displayed at the data center, floor, room, rack, customer, and IT device level.  Power IQ’s Web Services APIs enable customers to integrate Power IQ with their existing enterprise systems, such as Cisco’s eITMS, as well as build custom scripts.

dcTrack™  Data Center Infrastructure Management Solution manages data center’s assets, as well as their physical and logical relationships, through a single pane of glass.  dcTrack provides in-depth visibility into the “silos” that comprise a data center’s infrastructure. Its built-in intelligence focuses on process automation, accurate provisioning, and change management.  As a result, dcTrack helps customers reduce OPEX, defer CAPEX, improve SLAs, and reduce energy consumption.  dcTrack maintains accurate, real-time views and granular details of every element and their connections across the entire data center—including servers, networking, and facilities elements.  It also provides up-to-the-minute views of a data center’s power consumption, heat dissipation, raised floor space, and rack elevations.  dcTrack’s workflow and change management capabilities support the daily operations of managing data centers and reduce significant costs associated with decentralized and manual tracking of key data center assets.

Raritan Dominion® SX provides remote console server access for Cisco equipment, enabling IT professionals to access, monitor, and control all their serial devices securely, anytime, from anywhere.  Dominion SX provides one point of control to manage a wide range of IT equipment, including Cisco’s routers, switches, blade servers, and Raritan PDUs.

About Raritan (Raritan.com)

Raritan is a proven innovator of power management, infrastructure management, KVM and serial solutions for data centers of all sizes.  In more than 50,000 locations worldwide, Raritan’s award-winning hardware and software solutions—including intelligent PDUs, energy management software, KVM-over-IP and Serial-over-IP access products—provide IT and facility directors, managers and administrators with the control they need to increase power management efficiency, improve data center productivity and enhance branch office operations.  Based in Somerset, N.J., Raritan has offices worldwide serving 76 countries.  For more information, visit Raritan.com.

Raritan is an active member of the Green Grid, Climate Savers Computing Initiative, and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design associations.  The company has been recognized by the EPA for its contribution to the agency’s data center initiative.  In 2010 Raritan’s data center power management products were recognized with five industry awards.

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