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DPX and PX (first generation) End-of-Life Announcement

Our first generation intelligent PDUs were released a decade ago. Unfortunately, we couldn’t predict how robust customers’ power management needs would become ten years on. In order to provide better support for later PX families, we’ve decided to end support for this one.

Below, you’ll find release notes and support files for this last update. We encourage you to contact if questions or concerns arise.

We know how difficult it is to lack support for legacy products. And, that it can be equally difficult migrating to newer ones.  But we’re committed to helping ease your burden.
Call or write to ask about extended warranties, or how we can help migrate you to the later PX2 or PX3 series.

The 1.x.x firmware releases apply ONLY to Raritan PX iPDUs with part numbers DPX-NNNN, and PX-xxxx (where x=a number). To verify if the model you want to upgrade is supported by a specific release — check the Supported Model list (PDF format) posted with each release — beginning with firmware release PX1.5.5.

Check your release number — check the User Guide for how to verify the release number.

Never install an older release — e.g., if you have PX release 1.5.5 do not downgrade to 1.5.2 — unless directed by Raritan Support.

Installing the incorrect version of firmware on a unit may render it non-functional, partially functional, result in false or no alarms, and could cause serious problems requiring the unit to be returned to factory to restore it to proper operation — so please contact Technical Support if have any questions before you download a release from the website. We have hundreds of PDUs, and new models are added daily, so it is quite possible that the firmware on the website may NOT include support for your particular model.

Never try to go upgrade from 1.x.x to a 2.x.x, or vice versa.

Firmware releases 1.4 and 2.1 (or higher) will inhibit improper downgrading/upgrading.

PX G1 GA Release 1.5.13 - 11595

Version 1.5.13 General Availability GA

This firmware release is for general Availability (“GA”) on all existing DPX and any PX models with a part numbers PX-5nnn, PX-4nnn and PX-3nnn. Use the User Guide for PX 1.5.13 with this release. Release 1.5.13 contains all enhancements and fixes which are described in the Release Notes.

Upgrading to Release 1.5.13

The MINIMUM release versions required to upgrade to 1.5.13 is 1.5.4. If you are running a release OLDER than PX 1.5.0 (examples: 1.0.n, 1.1.n, 1.2.n, 1.3.n — where n < 5), please contact Raritan Support ( on how to get the PX to 1.5.4 BEFORE attempting to upgrade the unit to PX 1.5.13.

Questions? Email

Starting Firmware ReleaseUpgrade to Fence ReleaseUpgrade to Final ReleaseComments
Pre-1.35See CommentsSee CommentsContact Raritan Support:
1.3.X (where X >= 5); Examples: 1.3.5, 1.3.12, etc. need to disconnect serial port need to disconnect serial port disconnect anything plugged into the serial port disconnect anything plugged into the serial port
1.5.4–1.5.12Not Applicable1.5.13No need to disconnect serial port

Visio Stencils
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Version 1.5.13

    Firmware and Release Notes
    Version 1.5.8
    View Support Files
    Version 1.5.7
    View Support Files
    Version 1.5.4
    View Support Files
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