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PX Intelligent Rack PDUs

Switched PDUs with Inlet-Level Metering

Raritan’s PX series features four families of intelligent rack PDUs.  The PX-2000 family consists of switched PDU functionality with near billing-grade accuracy for inlet-level metering (also known as unit, or PDU-level metering) and PDU branch circuit-level metering.  These models are available in form factors ranging from Zero U to 2U.  They support input voltages range from 120 to 400V; single or three-phase.

What are the features of the PX-2000 family of switched PDUs?

Like all PX rack PDUs, the PX-2000 family provides:

  • Metering at the Rack PDU branch circuit provides an early warning if a circuit is becoming heavily loaded and runs the risk of tripping. We even monitor the circuit breaker so you can quickly reset it, if and when needed.
  • Sensor support for temperature, humidity, airflow, differential air pressure, leaks, vibration, proximity and more, to help safeguard mission critical equipment.
  • USB port support for Wi-Fi networking, PDU cascading, webcams, set-up, and configuration, and at-the-rack display.
  • Three ways to keep your power cords secured to rack PDUs including our proprietary SecureLock system. That way your cords won’t accidentally be unplugged or bumped out, or vibrate loose.
  • Your choice of ten full color PDU chassis help reduce human error and lessen downtime by making it easier to identify redundant power feeds. 

What makes the PX-2000 family of switched PDUs unique?

The PX-2000 family offers inlet-level metering with outlet-level switching for remote power control.  Outlet-level switching allows data center managers and IT staff to remotely power cycle individual outlets, or groups of outlets, on or off.  This functionality is ideal for rebooting hung servers.  It also allows users to keep outlets powered off until needed so that unauthorized equipment doesn’t get plugged in and cause downtime. With inlet-level metering, you can monitor power consumption and capacity at the rack-level, which in turn, makes it easier to provision equipment.

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