PX Intelligent Rack PDUs

PDU Remote Power Control

Raritan intelligent PDUs (iPDUs) allow you to control the power of a single PDU or a group of PDUs, down to the individual outlets. Unlike basic PDUs, you don’t need to be physically present in the facility. Instead, you can manually or programmatically power your intelligent PDUs on or off. PDU remote power switching provides several key advantages for data centers and organizations.

Increased Energy Savings

In a production environment, servers and network switches must always be on. They are rarely powered off unless it is for routine maintenance. However, in a lab or test environment, there is rarely a need for every server to be powered on at all times. By using remote power control PDUs, organizations can see some big savings on their next energy bill by simply powering off when servers and equipment are not needed. Powering off can be done manually by an assignee or programmatically at a predetermined time interval.

Prevent Unauthorized Access and Troubleshooting

Depending on your data center’s formal processes, it may be wise to keep outlets switched off to prevent unauthorized access, ensure proper provisioning, and avoid tripped circuit breakers. Incredibly, you can use remote power controls to reboot hung servers or provision outlets for new devices without ever having to step foot in the facility. This provides greater operational efficiency and significant cost savings to the organization.

User Configurable Power on Sequencing

Sophisticated outlet sequencing can power on equipment with single outlet or outlet groups in a set order to minimize circuit breaker trips from inrush currents. Organizations can maximize uptime when powering on circuits and racks full of equipment, thus preventing a cascading failure that affects multiple racks, aisles, or even an entire facility.

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