The CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC-SG)

Remote Access & Control

In this video see how Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC-SG) provides IT administrators and lab managers with consolidated, secure, and simplified remote access and control of multiple technology platforms at the application, operating system, and BIOS level. Manage thousands of IT devices right from your desktop.

CC-SG’s single pane of glass helps simplify remote management and expedite troubleshooting of your physical and virtual servers, intelligent PDUs, and serial devices. Plus, it helps you maximize security, uptime, and productivity.


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As an IT, lab, or data center manager, you administer hundreds (or even thousands) of servers, routers, switches, security, and storage devices. The health of your organization’s critical business infrastructure is your 24/7 challenge.

That’s why we developed CommandCenter Secure Gateway — Raritan’s centralized access and management system.

CommandCenter provides remote management and control of computers and networking devices by consolidating remote access technologies within one common interface. Seamlessly integrate well-known technologies to manage your IT devices across your entire infrastructure, including:

VMware Virtual Machines and Hosts

Leading Service Processors such as iLO, DRAC, and RSA

Popular remote access methods such as RDP, VNC, and SSH

AND Raritan’s Dominion KX III KVM-over-IP switches and SX II serial console servers

You can also power on, off, or cycle servers and devices connected to Raritan, Server Technology, and third-party PDU’s. With CommandCenter, you get:

Java-free access to thousands of devices from a single system;

Controlled, policy based user access with custom views of your equipment;

Support for LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS, Active Directory, and two factor authentication;

Consolidated logging and audit trail of user access and system events;

And secure, end-to-end encryption of your remote management sessions.

CommandCenter is available as a physical appliance, or as a VMware, HyperV, or XenServer virtual appliance. For larger deployments, CommandCenter has multiple high availability and scalability options including clustered hardware appliances, and VMware high availability, and Fault Tolerance for maximum uptime.

With CommandCenter, we’ve developed the ultimate remote management system — secure, reliable, productive, and scalable. Now, you can access and control your entire IT infrastructure from a single system.

Rely on CommandCenter to help master the complexity of the IT infrastructure that is the foundation of your business.


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