Java-Free KVM and Serial Access Now Available

Raritan Java-Free KVM & Remote Access

In response to customers’ security and usability concerns surrounding browser support for Java, Raritan has developed the industry’s most robust and complete set of Java-Free KVM and Remote Access Solutions. This includes solutions for Dominion KX III, Dominion SX II, CommandCenter, CommandCenter, and the new Dominion KX IV–101 high performance KVM-over-IP Switch.

Java-Free KVM and Serial Clients Now Available with CommandCenter Support

Java-free KVM and Serial access is now available for the Dominion KX III, Dominion SX II, and new Dominion KX IV-101. CommandCenter supports these two new Java-free HTML KVM and Serial Clients. See below for more information.

Support Solutions & Resources
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Dominion SX II

Dominion SX II is fully Java-free with HTML5 web-based interfaces as well as support for popular SSH Clients such as putty. CommandCenter supports the new, Java-free HTML Serial Client (HSC).

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Purchase Dominion SX II for customers using the first-generation Dominion SX.

Download and install the latest firmware release for customers who have already purchased a Raritan SX II model.

Dominion KX III & KX IV

KX III and IV Switches support Java-free KVM-over-IP access on Windows, Linux, and Mac via the Active KVM Client and HTML5-based HTML KVM Client, which supports virtual media and audio.

Check out the KX III and KX IV Support Pages for more information


CommandCenters supports the Java-free KVM and Serial Clients for KX III, KX IV and SX II.
Upgrade to CommandCenter Release 8.0 for Java-free access to the new Dominion KX IV-101 high performance KVM-over-IP Switch.
CC-SG has an installed, desktop client on Microsoft Windows platforms for CC-SG administration that does not require Java or a browser.

Check out the CC-SG Support Page for more information

Dominion KX User Stations

Purchase the KX III or KX IV User Station Appliances for high-performance IP access for labs, broadcast studios, and control rooms.
The User Station now integrates with CommandCenter to support centralized login and access for medium and large deployments.

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The Dominion® KX III User Station is a standalone appliance for high performance IP access to servers connected to Dominion KX III and KX IV switches, access via RDP, VNC & SSH, along with optional CommandCenter integration.

A new, more powerful KX IV User Station, supporting 1 to 3 monitors is available for 4K and high performance 1080p applications.
For more information view the data sheet.

Other Dominion KX Products

Raritan Dominion KVM switches offer a non-Java KVM Client for Windows platforms called the ‘Active KVM Client’ or AKC for short.

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Raritan Dominion KX digital KVM switches offer a non-Java KVM Client on Windows platforms called the ‘Active KVM Client’ or AKC for short.

Supported AKC Models:

  • Dominion KX III (DKX3-xxx)
  • Dominion KSX II (DKSX2-xxx)

Customers may access the AKC non-Java client with the latest firmware releases available in our Support portal.

With the latest firmware installed, the Java-free Active KVM Client (AKC) will be launched by default, if the environment supports it on Microsoft Windows platforms.

For customers on older firmware version releases, it may be necessary to input, “/akc” into the browser to run AKC in supported environments on Microsoft Windows platforms.

AKC is supported on the following browsers:

Call, email, or chat with Raritan Technical Support for assistance with AKC.

Product Support ResourcesRecommended Action
Raritan Technical Support

Call, email, or chat with Raritan Technical Support for assistance with Java issues and Raritan solutions.

Product Firmware Updates

View our Support Portal for additional detail on specific products.  

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