Dynamic Plugins

All About Dynamic Plugins for Power IQ® Monitoring Software

What are Dynamic Plugins?

Dynamic plugins enable you to add data collection support for PDUs and facilities objects that Power IQ does not support by default. The following device types can be supported by a dynamic plugin:

  • CRAC
  • Floor PDU
  • Floor UPS
  • Power Panel
  • Rack PDU
  • Standalone Meter

Note: For a full list of supported devices, go to: Power IQ Rack Monitored Devices Support

Types of Dynamic Plugins

There are two types of dynamic plugins: structured and custom.

Structured dynamic plugin:

A structured dynamic plugin is derived from hierarchically structured MIBs. Typically the values are organized in tables in the MIB. For example, a hierarchical MIB for a rack PDU typically has separate tables for elements such as inlets, circuit breakers, and outlets.

In a structured dynamic plugin, you define mappings that represent a series of OID values to be collected. You do not have to provide a mapping for every single SNMP OID that you want Power IQ to collect. If the MIB supports values that can be retrieved that indicate the number of inlets, outlets, circuits, and so on, it is possible to create a structured dynamic plugin that is capable of managing a variety of PDU models. This is not possible with a custom dynamic plugin.

Custom dynamic plugin:

A custom dynamic plugin requires a mapping for every desired reading. For example, you would map values for outlet 1 voltage, outlet 1 current, outlet 2 voltage, outlet 2 current. You must manually specify each object id you want Power IQ to collect, and then map each object id into the Power IQ PDU/electrical device data model.

Custom dynamic plugins are useful when:

  1. You want to monitor a PDU that does not use SNMP for remote communication. These PDUs may use Modbus or Bacnet protocols for remote communication. You can monitor these PDUs with an SNMP gateway. The SNMP gateway gives the ability to convert Modbus, or other protocols, to SNMP. The custom dynamic plugin can use a combination of the SNMP OIDs and hard-coded values mapped to the data model of the PDU type to support your specific PDU.
  2. The device's MIB does not contain data in tables, also known as a "flat" or "unstructured" MIB.

Benefits of Dynamic Plugins

There are three primary benefits to using dynamic plugins:

  1. Dynamic plugins map SNMP OIDs to Power IQ's database, so that Power IQ can find and retrieve data from the device.
  2. You have the ability to share plugins with other Raritan customers and may be able to leverage existing plugins.
  3. You can gather information from non-IT devices in the data center for better management of the whole data center

What’s the Next Step?

Raritan can help you to develop a dynamic plugin, or find one that has been certified and tested by Raritan’s professional services team. 

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