DKX3-UST SSD Firmware Technical Bulletin

Important Information for DKX3-UST customers


  • Engineering has identified a Solid State Drive (SSD) firmware version in DKX3-UST that could lead to a drive failure in the future. This firmware, provided by a supplier, was used on units manufactured 11/2017 through 5/2018 (Serial# Prefix RJ67Bxxxxx/ RJ67Cxxxxx & RJ68100001 through RJ68900072).

Symptoms & Scope:

  • Affected units generally work for a long time, but may fail in the future.


A check has been added in DKX3-UST firmware 3.1.0 to identify SSDs with the suspect firmware.
Please update your user stations with this firmware.

Click on Main Menu > User Station Configuration > Maintenance > About this Device.

If the bad firmware is found, then you will see:

This User Station's Solid State Drive (SSD) has an invalid firmware which could lead to drive failure in the future.
SSD Device Model: ADATA SU800
SSD Firmware Version: Q0518BS
Please contact Raritan Technical Support for assistance.


Customers seeing this message should contact Raritan Technical Support to work the issue by replacing or repairing the SSD or DKX3-UST.


Customers are strongly advised to immediately create a backup  (Maintenance > Backup & Restore) and download it to external storage/USB stick.

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