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Our Fourth Generation Dominion KVM-over-IP Switch: Dominion KX IV-101

Jessica Ciesla
April 4, 2019

The Dominion KX IV-101 represents the latest in a long series of innovations from the Raritan team. In fact, the Dominion KX IV-101 is our fourth generation Dominion KVM-over-IP switch.  It delivers an unparalleled level of power, supports Java-free access from anywhere, and offers BIOS-level remote access to PCs, workstations, and servers. With 4K video resolution at up to 30 frames per second in 4🔢2 color, the Dominion KX IV-101 redefines the remote management that many businesses need to thrive.

Enjoy The Most Popular Dominion Features

The beauty of the recently released Dominion KX IV-101 is that it allows businesses to enjoy un-blocked, high performance access to equipment via the Dominion User Station, PCs, or laptops. This impressive KVM-over-IP switch also allows users to enjoy the most popular Dominion features, including:

•    LDAP / Radius / AD authentication.
•    Absolute mouse synchronization.
•    Secure AES encryption.
•    Support for up to eight simultaneous sessions.
•    Virtual media transfers that are three times faster than the Dominion KX III.

In short, the Dominion KX IV-101 offers the ultra-fast video performance, high video quality, and configurable bandwidth needed for businesses to enjoy an unparalleled level of flexibility from their chosen technology solutions. Dominion KVM clients can now leverage the KX IV-101 to enjoy Java-free remote access, making it the perfect choice for businesses that need remote IT administrative control, work within demanding control rooms, and require dynamic broadcast applications. In this vein, the Dominion KV IV-101 features a new "Virtual Power Button" that allows users to securely remotely power on (or off) designated devices without using a switched PDU. The addition of the "Virtual Power Button" coupled with a single-port and support for LAN, WAN, and Internet access, have helped the KX IV-101 set the standard for KVM-over-IP switches.

The Bottom Line: The Dominion KX IV-101 Sets A New Standard

In conclusion, the soon to be released Dominion KX IV-101 is Raritan's fastest KVM switch. From its increased compatibility, to its unsurpassed flexibility, the Dominion KX IV-101 redefines the best -in- class standard for Raritan KVM-over-IP switches. 

Contact a member of the Raritan team today to discover how the Dominion KX IV-101 can help your business reach new levels of success.