EMX - Smart Rack Controller

EMX - Smart Rack Controller

Environmental Monitoring Controller

End-of-Life Announcement for the EMX-line of Smart Rack Controllers

The EMX-line of Smart Rack Controllers have been discontinued and are now end-of-life.  Learn more about the replacement Smart Rack Controller (SRC) product.

The SKUs affected by this announcement include:

 Discontinued SKU Replacement
 EMX2-111 SRC-0100
 EMX2-111-KIT SRC-0100-KIT
 EMX2-888 SRC-0800

The key milestones related to this announcement include:

  • Last Order/Sale Date — June 30, 2020
  • Last Ship Date — June 30, 2020
  • End of Support Date — June 30, 2022

The new replacement products, the full suite of the SRC-line of Smart Rack Controllers, will be available in late 2020. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

The Raritan EMX is a central connection point for all of Raritan’s environmental sensors. The EMX smart rack controller offers up to eight sensor ports, eight feature ports for Raritan’s dynamic asset-tracking solution and eight RS-485 ports, all in a 1U form factor. Raritan’s rack monitoring solution helps data center and facilities managers:

• Minimize the hours needed to track IT assets.
• Ensure uptime by monitoring racks for possible hot spots.
• Save on cooling costs by confidently raising data center temperatures.
• Maintain cabinet security w/ USB webcams and contact closure sensors.
• Improve data center uptime by receiving environment alerts.
• Make strategic decisions on environmental design and modifications.


Optimize Your Environment

Support for up to 128 optional external plug-and-play environment sensors that monitor and help manage critical environmental conditions.

USB Webcam Support

View real-time images and video remotely and maintain cabinet security with USB webcams and contact closure sensors.

Wired or WiFi Network Ready

Accessible via 10/100 Ethernet or Wi-Fi so you can use existing wired network infrastructure or avoid the cost of pulling cables.

DCIM Monitoring Software

Integrates with Power IQ Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring software which can consolidate data from several EMXs and PX iPDUs, making DC management easier.

Additional Features

Powerful Smart Controller

Built-in connectivity for environment sensors, serial, USB, wired or wireless network, and asset management tagging makes this the smartest Rack Monitoring controller available today.

Web Browser Accessible

Real-time remote monitoring of all sensor data and asset information and status of all devices in the rack.

Built-in LCD Display

At the rack visibility of all sensor data with capacitive touch buttons for easy operations.

Electronic Asset Tracking

With Raritan’s unique Asset Management Tags (AMTs) and Asset Management Sensors (AMSs), get accurate, automated, real-time inventory of all IT assets and their locations, down to the 1U level.

Receive Advanced Alerts

Users can define thresholds and receive alerts via SNMP, email, and syslog when thresholds are crossed for both asset and environmental events.

2 Models to Choose From

EMX2-111 small form factor controller supporting up to 16 sensors and 1 rack of assets or EMX2-888 1U controller for up to 128 sensors and 8 racks of assets.

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