PX Intelligent Rack PDUs

USB Configuration for Intelligent PDUs

Most of Raritan’s PX intelligent PDU models can be configured via USB. By using one or more USB Flash drives, a single user can configure hundreds of rack mount power strips in a couple of hours. This method can be used to set an IP address, change time settings, set a unique name, turn on SNMP, and much more.  

PDU USB Configuration is Quick, Easy, and Scalable

Raritan power strips will react to a Flash drive by first verifying permissions. Then they will reconfigure themselves with global and individual settings. The entire process is approximately twenty seconds. So by using several flash drives, you can and move from row to row, quickly and efficiently configuring all PDUs. 

Non-USB PDU Configuration is Cumbersome

Most network appliances are configured by connecting a laptop to each device and adding settings via CLI or web browser. This method is fine for a small number of PDUs but is cumbersome when configuring dozens of PDUs. 

DCHP is another option for configuring PDUs (one that Raritan supports, in fact).  But, in real-world settings, mass configuration using DCHP can be error-prone. Additionally, the network infrastructure is usually not available in the early stages of a new build-out.  

USB Configuration Saves Time and Money

A few years ago a Raritan client deployed and configured their intelligent PDUs in two distinct stages.  For the first stage, they opted to configure their PDUs via the traditional method of connecting to each device and configuring via CLI. For the second stage, they opted to use Raritan's USB configuration method. Note the difference: 

Phase  One – Four techs, sixteen hours, and 200 PDUs via serial management port/CLI worked out to $1,600 USD. 

Phase Two –  Two techs, two hours, and 200 PDUs via USB mass deployment method ( includes barcoding, creating the config file, cross referencing customers' IP address, subnet, and alarms ) worked out to only $200 USD.  A cost reduction of 87.5%!  

Read 5 Benefits of Having USB Ports on Your Rack PDUs to learn about other time and money saving features of PDU USB ports. 

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