White Paper: Rack PDU Power Quality Monitoring

White Paper: Significant Advancements in Rack PDU Power Quality Monitoring and Metrics Greatly Improve Uptime

Significant Advancements in Rack PDU Power Quality White PaperRising power demands and the increased capabilities of rack PDUs, combined with the global initiative of reducing carbon footprints, make measuring all aspects of rack power critical in supplying high-quality power reliability. Data centers need extraordinary electrical reliability. An awareness of power quality issues and how to address them―down to the rack or device level―is necessary for those who want to protect their bottom lines from prohibitive downtime costs.

With power issues still a leading cause of outages, Data Center operators need a better way to address power quality and monitor the IT load. This white paper addresses the advantage of using intelligent PDUs with built-in advanced power quality metrics and diagnostic tools and explores:


  • Why is power quality at the rack important?
  • What critical power metrics can be monitored at the rack?
  • What value does power quality monitoring provide?
  • What is the best way to look for power quality issues at the rack?
  • Unique features of advanced PDU technology platforms


Learn how to address these issues by downloading the white paper now.


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