Dominion® LX II Evaluation

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(Valid in North America only)

Remotely troubleshoot your critical care equipment quickly and safely without having to step foot in the ICU. Doing this not only lessens the risk of spreading the virus, but also critical downtime.

Raritan’s Dominion LX II enables safe, remote access and control of computer equipment located in remote, secure locations. IT staff can access up to two different ICU computers simultaneously to troubleshoot, even at the BIOS level. A keyboard, mouse and monitor can also be attached directly to the Dominion LX II should access to these computers be needed from within the ICU.

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Your Raritan LX II Evaluation Kit Includes:


Part NumberDescription Qty. Included

8-port KVM-over-IP switch, 1 remote and 1 local user, virtual media, single power and single LAN



Dominion dual USB/VGA CIM required for virtual media (BIOS access), absolute mouse synchronization, tiering, audio and Smart Card/CAC use.



Dominion CIM for VGA, PS/2 ports


The diagram below illustrates how the Dominion LX II can help keep your critical care equipment up and running during these unprecedented times.

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