On-Demand Webinar

Remote Access for IT: Hassle-free without Java

During a time of massive digital growth, tech leaders are looking for new ways to stay resilient while supporting a range of digital initiatives. New sensors, data center intelligence tools, and smart devices are removing the frustration out of deploying efficient data centers and solutions, bringing a wave of new benefits. In this webinar, learn what it takes to shift to human-centric data center designs, where you focus on people and the increased value of their work, and, more importantly, how new sensor types can support this change.

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • The state of the data center: Findings from the latest industry reports
  • What does data center intelligence look like today?
  • Understanding 'future-proof' vs 'burnout-proof' data center technologies
  • New tools and smart devices to light up intelligence in your data center



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