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NEW: Best-in-class security and mobile access with Dominion KX II-101-V2 Release 5.3

Paula Alves
September 19, 2012

Today Raritan released Dominion KX II-101-V2 Release 5.3, providing several enhancements that will delight both Government and non-Government users.  With this new release, the Dominion KX II-101-V2 continues to be a leader in the one port KVM/IP class, offering the highest in video resolution, and becomes the only one in its class to offer mobile access (with CC-SG) and FIPS 140-2 encryption.

With mobile KVM access for iPhone and iPad, users can now access and control servers connected to the Dominion KX I-101-V2 via their Apple iPhones and iPads.  This provides emergency 24x7 out-of-hours access, as well as convenient everyday access for iPad enthusiasts.  CC-SG Release 5.2 or later is required for this capability.

To meet the changing technology needs of KVM customers, the Dominion KX II-101-V2 now supports High Definition (HD), 1080p remote video resolution. In addition, popular widescreen formats are supported including 1600x1200, 1680x1050 and 1440x900, so remote users can work with today’s higher resolution monitors.

For government, military and other high security applications, the Dominion KX II-101-V2 is the first device in its class to use a validated FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module for enhanced encryption. Modules tested and validated as conforming to FIPS 140-2 are accepted by federal agencies of the U.S. and Canada for the protection of sensitive information.  Other security features, including IPv6, security banner, and SNMPv3 are also supported with this new release.

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