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How Connectivity Management Can Help You Save Big Bucks!

July 2, 2012

If you’re tasked with improving data center capacity utilization and uptime, then you need a connectivity management plan. But first, what is connectivity management and why is it important? Connectivity management encompasses two areas: full power chain and network connection management. Consider this – a dynamic data center will have frequent adds, moves and changes. Each of these actions in a high density environment requires you to answer the following questions – What is the impact on my power chain? Do I have available power and network connection capacity? Full power chain and network connection management provides fast, accurate answers to these and other questions which greatly reduces time and increases the reliability of making changes in the data center. It budgets power the same way an electrical engineer would, only the calculations are done in real time by the system before you make the change. The benefits are clear – connectivity management can help save you from over loading and faulting a branch circuit and can help find stranded capacity, which in the long run may prevent you from spending millions of dollars to build a new facility.