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What’s One Leading Cause of Data Center Downtime? It’s You.

Michael Bord
December 18, 2013

“To err is human, to purr is feline.” – Robert Bryne

One look at Switch’s SuperNap data centers is all it will take to convince you of the importance of color-coding within your own data center.   Switch has assembled the world’s largest data center campus, serving the enterprise needs of over 500 clients, from startups to Fortune 1000s from its secure 2.2. Million square foot campus in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With so many clients around the world relying on Switch to securely host their business services and provide near real-time results, the company can scarcely afford for any of its millions of servers to experience downtime due to power outages.  But, this begs the question, how might one reduce or eliminate power outages altogether?

Recent data center industry reports suggest that an overwhelming number of data center power outages are attributable to human error caused by mislabeling PDU racks, or being unable to identify problem areas.  It’s a finding that underpins the need for a solution like color PDUs and cables that can help data center staff to avoid outages due to careless mistakes.

Need proof?  Visit Switch’s SuperNap data center gallery to see how Raritan’s Color PDUs and SecureLock™ cables are being used in a live data center environment.   And, download a copy of Raritan’s 5 Great Reasons to Use Colored Rack PDUs to safeguard your data center from outages that could inadvertently be caused by you.