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What Is The Future Of C21/C22 Outlet Type?

Jessica Ciesla
March 25, 2019

Data centers throughout the globe are constantly finding new ways to innovate. More often than not, these innovative approaches stem from a growing need to reduce unexpected downtime, increase efficiencies, streamline operations, and optimize the entire data center for future growth. While you most often hear about enhancements to DCIM solutions or the benefits of intelligent rack PDUs, one topic that isn't covered as often are outlet types including C21 / C22. 

Understanding The Role Of Power Plugs & Receptacles In Data Centers 

Power plugs and receptacles play a crucial role in data centers. While many people don't think about these two entities, it is important to note that they are actually designed to meet specific safety regulations. They are also rated for heat, power efficiency, functionality, circuit specifications, and other vital entities. Finally, all power plugs and receptacles/outlets are designed to meet the specific standards of various leading industry organizations, such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The IEC is an international organization that is responsible for many of the industry standards that are applied to the engineering community. As the IEC has grown in the past 100 years, more than 130 countries have adopted its standards. In this vein, IEC connectors are widely used within data centers, which is where the C21 / C22 come into play. 

The Future Of C21 / C22 

C21 / C22 outlet types are used for equipment that requires a high IEC heat rating, with a maximum pin temperature of 155°C. They are also valuable for various power systems. To date, IBM has touted the use of C21 / C22 outlet types in its power systems. In data centers, where device temperature is crucial to operational success, C21 / C22 offer a unique advantage due to their size, as well as their power and heat ratings. They are also designed to handle equipment that needs to operate with high currents, such as a data or blade servers. While C21 / C22 outlet types aren't very common, industry analysis shows that their use will increase in the upcoming years. 

The Bottom Line: C21 / C22 Outlets Show Signs Of Increased Use 

Selecting the wrong type of outlet or power connector can wreak havoc in a data center. From causing unplanned downtime to reducing revenue and productivity, to causing significant delays, the incorrect power connector or outlet type can cause a host of issues. Fortunately, data center managers are well equipped to choose the right type of equipment. In conclusion, as the demand for power connectors and outlet types that can handle high volumes of fluctuating currents and heat increases, so too will the use of C21 / C22 outlet types. 

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