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Webinar: 5 Keys to Developing a Service-Driven Data Center

Rick Gonedes
June 12, 2017

To say "the cloud is king" in the world of modern data center managers is something of an understatement. Today's data center customers vastly prefer to "pay as they go" with expectations for a fast, on demand IT resource deployment. This challenges data centers managers across the board with a need to respond faster, with more flexible and outstanding customer service - no exceptions. As data centers shift from on-premise to off-premise and private cloud models, how do you adjust your future plans and goals?

In the live webinar "5 Keys to Developing a Service-Driven Data Center," taking place Wednesday, June 21 at 2PM EST, you'll find out IDC's perspective on how to adapt yourself and your data center in this new shifting landscape. You'll find out more information about how organizations are boosting flexibility and agility in their digital transformations, what' driving a sudden shift back to on-premise resources, must-know tips for reorienting your data center to keep up with the service-driven model, and more.

If you're interested in these insights and other actionable advice that you can use to future-proof both yourself and your data center for the cloud-driven era, feel free to register now, to reserve your spot.