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Virtual Power Button on the KX IV-101

Posted on August 27, 2019 by Jessica Ciesla

The Dominion KX IV-101 is the ideal solution for lab and IT managers looking to increase remote management and control capabilities, while simultaneously retaining flexibility, agility, and security best practices. It is the perfect solution for labs, control rooms and demanding broadcast applications. The single-port device now features a unique "Virtual Power Button" that can be used by authorized users to remotely power on / off computers without turning to a switched PDU.

Bringing Virtual Control To A New Level 

As its name suggests, the virtual power button provides a the ability to power on or off the connected computer over the network. It works by using the external device control features and the 5 pin terminal block found on the Dominion KX IV-101. The secure web-based user interface can be used to effectively complete the following tasks. 

•    Remotely power on / off devices for security, regularly scheduled maintenance, updates, IT support, and a wide range of other reasons. 
•    Recycle power to a server that hangs or is otherwise unresponsive
•    Remotely power on, off or cycle an entire computer system. 
•    Save Time, increase response and avoid travel time

In layman's terms, the virtual power button helps IT managers more effectively control and quickly react to remote devices in real time. 

Raritan Delivers A Dynamic, Best In Class Standard

In conclusion, the Dominion KX IV-101's virtual power button helps users leverage the full potential of this best in class solution. It can be used to save time, increase productivity, gain control, reduce travel and improve remote management. 

To discover how the Dominion KX IV-101's virtual power button can transform your approach to remote management, contact a member of the Raritan team today.

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