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Understanding Your Rack Power Metering

Jessica Ciesla
April 18, 2019

With each passing year data center power infrastructures become more complex. In fact, data is expected to reach an unprecedented 163 zettabytes by 2025, which means that data center operators must figure out how to a) support the additional data, b) reduce costs, c) increase efficiencies, and d) remain energy efficient. Fortunately, data center operators can address the latter challenges with the help of the advanced power metering and data management technologies found in Intelligent PDUs.

Benefits Of Intelligent PDUs

As their name suggests, Intelligent PDUs are just that ... intelligent. They provide the insights that data center operators need to make mission critical decisions. For example, intelligent PDUs play a pivotal role in a data center operator's understanding of how much power is being used at a facility, row, rack, or individual device level. This information can then be used to reduce costs and help the entire facility become more energy efficient.  With the average cost of running a single server is an estimated $731.94 per year, becoming energy efficient is crucial to the survival and profitability of any data center.

Fortunately, Intelligent PDUs are also equipped to complete inlet, outlet, and circuit breaker metering. The later power metering is vital to understanding power consumption, rack availability, and circuit capacity. Additionally, inlet, outlet, and circuit breaker metering can help data center operators avoid IT downtime, which costs an average of $5,600 per minute. In short, Intelligent PDUs are the trusted solution that data center operators need to more accurately understand rack power metering.

Leverage The Power Of Remote Rack Power Metering 

One of the most common problems in data centers are idle or hung servers. These l servers will consume copious amounts of energy without delivering any useful information. In fact, according to a Stanford University study, as many as 33 percent of servers can be found running idly at any data center. The good news is that Intelligent PDUs can be used to remotely power on and off idle or hung servers. They can also be used to more effectively shift power loads and gain full control of power usage. In short, remote power monitoring provides the granular insights into current, voltage, power, and energy consumption that operators need to accurately identify idle or hung servers, and thus enhance stability and efficiency levels throughout the entire data center. 

Take Back Control Of Your Rack Power Infrastructure

If you want to not only understand your rack power consumption, but you want to take back control of the entire power infrastructure, then you need to leverage the power of Raritan's Intelligent PDUs. With the help of Intelligent PDUs you can gain the insights that you need to increase efficiencies, reduce risks, and save money year over year. 

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