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The KVM Product Selector – A Quick and Easy Guide to the Raritan KVM Switches

Richard Dominach
June 30, 2014

One cool and useful feature of the new Raritan website is the KVM Product Selector.   Situated on the right-hand side of each KVM product page, the Product Selector provides a wealth of information about the Raritan KVM  and Access Products. Ever wonder which KX III or SX model is right for you?  Which CIMs (server dongles) are available for each Raritan KVM switch? What the heck is the difference between the DCIM-USBG2 and D2CIM-DVUSB?  Or what node license packages are available for CommandCenter?  The KVM Product Selector can quickly answer all of these questions and provide the important attributes of each KVM product or accessory.

To use the Product Selector:

  1. Click on the “Check Out Our Product Selector” blue button on the right hand side of each KVM product page. 
  2. Select the “Product Category” from the drop down list at the top of the page, for example, “Digital KVM/IP Switches” or “Computer Interface Modules (CIM).”
  3. Choose the appropriate “Filter Search” attributes on the left hand side panel.  For example, for “Digital KVM/IP Switches,” click on “Product Family” and select “Dominion KX III.”  Then click on “KVM Ports” and select “32.”  You will immediately see a list of the 32 port KX III switches with important product attributes such as KVM ports, Remote Users, Local Users, etc.

Raritan provides a broad selection of CIMS (hyperlink) to connect to the various server and device types.  To see the available CIMs for a particular KVM switch:

  1. Click on “Computer Interface Modules (CIM)” in the “Product Category” drop down list at the top of the page.
  2. Click on “Product Family” on the left hand side of the page and select “Dominion KX III” for example.  You will then see the list of CIMs applicable to the KX III.” 
  3. Based on the attributes in the table, such as video type (VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort), keyboard and mouse type (USB, PS2), and product features (Virtual Media, Absolute Mouse), you can identify the appropriate CIM. 

For further information on the Dominion Products computer interface modules (CIMs), check out the Raritan CIM Guides, available in the Support section for the Raritan Products, e.g. the guide for the KX III. 

For each product entry in the Product Selector, there is a link to the Data Sheet for that product.  The Data Sheet provides an excellent summary of the product, listing the available models, CIMs or adapters, and product features and specifications. 

In summary, Raritan has a wide variety of KVM switches and accessories for many different customer scenarios.  But sometimes it may be difficult to locate the appropriate product or accessory for a given customer need.  The KVM Product selector is an easy-to-use tool to quickly get KVM product information and answer many common questions for Raritan customers, partners, and users.  Bookmark it today!