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Raritan’s Rack Transfer Switch Wins 2014 Tech Innovator Award for Data Center Infrastructure

Michael Bord
November 18, 2014

rack transfer switch winner crn 2014 tech innovator award

Raritan’s Intelligent Rack Transfer Switch has won CRN’s 2014 Tech Innovator Award for Data Center Infrastructure. According to CRN, “The Tech Innovator Award program recognizes companies for outstanding innovation in products developed for the enterprise. Hardware and software products from 18 categories are evaluated based on their ability to increase worker productivity and reduce cost and complexity for solution providers, IT departments and end users through innovation and technical advancement.”  

See what sets the hybrid rack transfer switch apart.

An excerpt from CRN’s award page notes:

Who needs UPSes when there's Raritan's Intelligent Rack Transfer Switch? According to the data center hardware maker, the PX3TS samples current 4,800 times a second and in the event of a power failure, transfers an electrical load within 8 milliseconds, keeping the rack up and running. According to Raritan, the PX3TS is intended to protect cloud computing and other data center infrastructures that operate on a single power supply. The unit employs a combination of electromechanical relays and SCR technologies to protect computing workloads and also provides remote power metering for energy usage monitoring and capacity planning.


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