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Product Spotlight: The Dominion SX II Serial Console Server

Michael Bord
August 25, 2015

Meet the Dominion SX II, Raritan's next-generation serial console server (also known as a terminal server).  For over ten years, thousands of customers have relied on the first generation Dominion SX for access and control of hundreds of thousands of serial devices, representing over 500 million hours of total operation. The SX II builds upon that experience with a wide range of advancements and innovations. 

Product Overview

The new SX II is the most powerful, secure, reliable, easy-to-use and manageable serial-over-IP console server on the market. SX II provides convenient and productive access to networking devices, servers, PDUs, telecommunications, and other serial devices.

Who Is This For?

Network admins, IT admins, data center managers, engineers, developers, telecom engineers, and security managers.  Basically, anyone who needs out-of-band serial-over-IP access. 

How Does it Work?

Here's a simple topology map:

What's New?

The SX II hardware platform is substantially more powerful with a 1GHz CPU, an 8-fold increase RAM, and up to 8 Gb of flash space. SX II supports up to 10 sessions per port and up to 200 total serial sessions. Port configuration is 15 to 23 times faster, with order of magnitude improvements in simultaneous connections, connection speed and serial processing.

How Does the New SX II Compare to the Original SX?

 Original Dominion SXNew Dominion SX II
Hardware133MHz CPU, 64 MB RAM
32 MB Flash Memory
1GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM
Up to 8 GB Flash Memory
NetworkingSingle and dual models
10/100. IPv4 only
Dual Gigabit LAN (all models)
10/100/1000. IPv4 & IPv6
PowerSingle or dual AC modelsDual AC or DC (all models)
PinoutFixed Pinout Rollover cables requiredAutosensing DTE/DTC
No rollover cables!
SecurityRC4 EncryptionFIPS 140-2 Certified Encryption
256 Bit AES Encryption
LifecycleEnd-of-Sales 2015
End of Support 2017
2 Year Standard Warranty
3 Additional Years Available
Performance 10 Sessions per Port - 200 Total S
10x to 20X Improvement
DeploymentManual ConfigurationAutomatic USB or TFTP Configuration
Local ConsoleSerial onlySerial, USB & KVM Connections
Cellular ModemN/A3G/4G Wireless Modem (USB)
ManagementFTP Server RequiredNo FTP Server, Dominion Compatible

How Can I Learn More?

Check out our SX overview on Slideshare, or visit the Dominion SX II product page.