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Non-Blocked IP Access at Last !

Richard Dominach
January 5, 2012

A new Dominion KX II model is now available - the Dominion KX2-808.   The DKX2-808 enables 8 simultaneous remote/IP connections to 8 servers or PC’s.  The DKX2-808 is unique among the KX II models since it provides “non-blocked” access, i.e. users can always connect to a server/PC; they are never blocked by another user.  While most other KVM-over-IP switches provide some level of blocking in exchange for lower costs, the DKX2-808 features non-blocked access which is required for many situations.

The DKX2-808 ideally suited for many types of use cases.  For example, a customer may have “critical servers” that must always be remotely accessible.  For example, in a real-time application, say an operations center or control center, an operator may require non-blocked access to a group of servers.  Many broadcast type environments also have this requirement where the user must always have access to critical servers.  For development or test labs, there may also be critical servers used by a large number of people.

In other cases, the user - possibly an IT administrator or developer - may require simultaneous access to multiple servers at once.  With the DKX2-808, they can have this access without affecting the productivity of other users that may be blocked from accessing other servers.

Access to blade servers is another situation ideally suited to non-blocked access.  A customer can connect 8 blade server chassis to the DKX2-808 and each blade server chassis can always be remotely accessible.  This prevents a user from not being able to access up to 20 individual blade servers.

Similar to this scenario is the tiering or cascading of KVM switches.  In this common use case, the customer connects up to 8 other KVM switches to the DKX2-808.  Since these KVM switches provide access up to 16, 32 or even 64 servers, blocking is not acceptable.

Similarly, many customers IP-enable their Raritan Paragon II switches by connecting them to a Dominion KX II.  Again, since a Paragon switch can be connected to up to 64 servers, and losing access to that many servers is not desirable, the DKX2-808 is ideally suited for this application.

For customers requiring non-blocked access to a large number of servers, for example a customer wanting 64x64 or even 100x100 access, multiple DKX2-808 switches can be used together with Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway such that a large group of users can have immediate access to each and every server.

So as you can see the DKX2-808 is uniquely qualified for many common situations providing the non-blocked access required.

For more information on the Dominion KX2-808 and the other KX II models, contact your authorized Raritan representative or our website at: