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KVM Remote Management in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era

Jessica Ciesla
June 15, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is an evolving world-wide public-health and economic crisis. Companies must keep their business operations and systems running.  They also need to keep their employees safe and healthy.  Many employees are now working from home, either on a full or part-time basis. While the worst seems to be behind us in much of the United States, Europe, and Asia, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is warning that there may be a “second wave” in the fall/winter. Remote management can be of enormous benefit in this type of uncertain environment.

There are many KVM Features/Benefits that KVM-over-IP Switches and Serial Console Servers can provide. These include:

•    Remote IT Management to remotely support and maintain equipment wherever it may be
•    Secure IP Access & Control to from home via the Internet and/or VPN
•    Java-free, BIOS-level Access  to work in the BIOS, without Java
•    Virtual Media to remotely transfer files, install software, boot an OS
•    PC-Share Collaboration to allow multiple users at multiple sites to access and share computers

An important use case these days is to support employees working from home. This includes IT people using remote management tools from their homes to support and maintain remote equipment. Raritan KVM-over-IP products support Java-free, BIOS-level access with virtual media over LAN, WAN, and Internet. Virtual media is an incredibly powerful and productive tool. It enables IT staff to transfer files back and forth from remote drives, install software on remote systems and even boot a new OS from an ISO file. With virtual media, IT administrators can fully support and troubleshoot remote equipment, wherever they are.

Another important use case is for remote collaboration to share and manage remote equipment. This includes lab equipment and software/hardware development. Project staff often work at multiple sites, either domestically or even internationally.  In 2020, some members may be working from home. Raritan KVM-over-IP products can support this collaboration. Many of our largest customers share equipment and collaborate internationally to increase their productivity.

Security is an important requirement these days.  Our KVM-over-IP products support a wide variety of security features. KVM-over-IP and Serial Console sessions are protected by high-quality encryption. Many customers also utilize VPNs when working from home or on the road. 

In summary, Raritan’s KVM-over-IP and Serial Console solutions are essential tools for remote management in this uncertain environment.  They provide the following high-level benefits:

•    Ensure Business Continuity
•    Eliminate or Reduce Travel
•    Ensure Personal Safety
•    Support Social Distancing

For more information on our Dominion KX III, KX IV, and LX II KVM-over-IP products, please click here.