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IT and Lab Remote Access and Control: KVM-over-IP or Software Access?

Paula Alves
August 1, 2012

As an IT administrator, Lab or Network Manager, you often need quick access to multiple computer systems at once for reconfiguration, rebooting, and troubleshooting.  Using multiple monitors, keyboards, and mice to access these multi-vendor servers can be inefficient and ineffective.

There are multiple tools to make your job a bit easier.  Options include Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Virtual Network Computing (VNC), and KVM-over-IP, as well as many others.

So how do you choose?

View our new video to learn why there really isn’t a choice.

With Raritan’s Dominion KVM-over-IP and CommandCenter Secure Gateway, you can have full-featured, secure, remote access from wherever you are.  Even if the server is down!

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