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Introducing Remote Server Management for Kiosks

Paula Alves
February 9, 2012

Businesses that use kiosks such as ATMs to serve their customers have many unique support and maintenance challenges.  ATMs are generally deployed at multiple locations, and across many geographical areas.  Responsive and on-site support is often difficult. To ensure 24/7 secure access, energy, environmental, visual, and security controls are necessary.  Remote support and management become critical to ATM operation and ROI.

Raritan’s Remote Server Management solution enables businesses to efficiently and reliably manage kiosks, from anywhere.   Using remote BIOS-level access and locally mounting of drives and media, IT professionals can effectively diagnose, power cycle, and restore operations.  These remote capabilities reduce travel time and operations cost.

Environmental sensor monitoring, such as temperature, humidity and airflow, ensures reliability.  When a problem is identified or the need to conserve emergency power arises, load shedding and power cycling can also be performed remotely.

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