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Google Discloses Datacenter PUE of 1.21

Henry Hsu
October 9, 2008

While Google has typically closely guarded details regarding their data centers as a competitive advantage, the company recently disclosed a weighted-average PUE of 1.21. This is nothing short of astounding; one data center even posted a quarterly average PUE of 1.13! Google shares some of the ways they achieve such efficiency here, albeit at a very high-level.

Recently, Raritan used our own data center tools to determine our corporate PUE, and we're very proud to have achieved a PUE of 1.6—which is below today’s average. However, we have quite a ways to go before catching up to Google. Our efforts to date have been chronicled in our white papers.

If you are unfamiliar with the PUE metric, Google does a pretty good job of explaining it—although The Green Grid is still considered the canonical source.

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