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Dominion SX II: Raritan’s Next Generation Serial Console Server

Jessica Ciesla
December 6, 2018

In a world where data is often a company's most valuable asset, nothing is as important as selecting the tools needed to offer secure accessibility, flexibility, and reliability. Unfortunately, the very tool needed to deliver the aforementioned qualities was often cumbersome and hard to deploy, which is why Raritan created the Dominion SX II. The Dominion SX II leverages over a decade of process improvements and 500 million hours of operation to enhance the original SX version. These enhancements are what make the Dominion SX II the next-generation serial console / terminal server and allows it to achieve a best-in-class status.

Leverage the Benefits Needed to Keep Your Data Secure 

The Dominion SX II is easy-to-use and provides businesses with an unrivaled control over their servers, security appliances, rack PDUs, and network devices. This heightened level of control provides increased security, courtesy of the optimal hardware upgrades. A 1 GHz processor provides an 8-fold increase in memory, while the dual power supplies and dual gigabit LAN ports offer the scalability needed for high performance processing, coupled with the connectivity needed for multiple uses. Additional features on the Dominion SX II include:

•    Java-Free Serial-Over-IP Access. -- The Dominion SX II offers precise management capabilities via SSH, Telnet, and a Java-free web-browser experience that eliminates outdated software solutions in favor of proven technological advances. For example, the two script-based automatic configuration methods not only provide the basis for fast installation, but also make configuration changes a breeze. Additionally, with complete CLI access, the Dominion SX II easily scales to thousands of devices by connecting them via the Raritan CommandCenter.
•    Give Devices the Support They Need. -- Comprehensive serial device access is provided to a wide range of equipment courtesy of the automatic DTE / DCE detection. This feature also removes the need for any rollover cables, while simultaneously supporting operating speeds of 1,200 to 230,400 bps for a faster, more reliable experience.
•    Port and Session Logging. -- The Dominion SX II leverages the security prowess of encryption during port and session logging. In fact, the Dominion SX II supports not only user input, but also serial device output to a designated Network File System (NFS) server. 

The Proven Solution for Centralized Access and Effective Management

When the wrong technologies are used, the copious amounts of data that businesses gather and use daily can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, with instantaneous integration to the Raritan CommandCenter Secure Gateway, multiple device management capabilities, and a centralized platform, the Dominion SX II offers the scalability, security, and reliability needed in today's data driven world. 

To learn more about the advantages of a centralized management and access solution, contact a member of the Raritan team today at 1-800-724-8090.