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Capacity Management

Posted on January 3, 2009 by Minder Singh

Running out of power, space and cooling?
Now it’s easy to manage the resources you have left.

With Raritan’s DCIM solution, information is at your fingertips to easily see capacity in your data center.

The demand for resources is on the rise in data centers and IT labs around the world. But most IT facilities only have a finite amount of space, power, cooling and connections capacity to work with, so it’s critical to know:

  • How much you have
  • Where you can deploy new IT equipment
  • How you can better utilize it
  • When it will run out

Raritan can help with dcTrack® – our complete DCIM solution that intelligently manages your IT infrastructure today, while preparing you for the future. 

dcTrack is an easy-to-use software solution that lets you maintain accurate, real-time views of capacity across your entire data center, including physical space, power, networking and cooling available in racks, as well as capacity of infrastructure devices like UPSs and circuit panels. It basically shows you the entire power and network chain at a click of a button. With advanced connectivity capability, you’ll know exactly what’s connected to where from the server to the switch and all uplink circuit connections.

You no longer need to maintain files and files of Excel® and Visio®, nor make trip after trip to the data center. dcTrack centralizes all your data and their associated connections to greatly simplify how you find, place and reserve resources.

With Raritan’s dcTrack, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly make informed capacity planning decisions
  • Use power resources more efficiently to avoid overloads
  • Delay capital expenditures associated with build-outs
  • Save on operating expenses

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