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Avoid Overcooling Your Data Center with DCIM and Environmental Sensors

Paula Alves
March 18, 2014

Worldwide demand for real-time data, applications, and services has led to an unprecedented increase in data center density and energy costs.  While IT equipment accounts for 50% of those energy costs, another 37% is consumed when cooling and circulating air; a figure that amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars per year. 


IT departments often over cool data centers to ensure that their mission-critical equipment will not fail due to overheating.  But studies have shown this is an unnecessary and costly practice.  According to David J. Cappuccio, Gartner Managing VP and Chief of research:
“Data center managers can save up to 4 percent in energy costs for every degree of upward change in the baseline temperature, known as a set point. The higher set point means less frequent use of air conditioning, which saves the energy used to run cooling systems”
Therefore, the key to avoiding overcooling and saving on energy costs is to determine what your optimal setpoint is.
You can base the decision on equipment recommendations, but a better way is to use ASHRAE guidelines to ensure you are operating within the healthy range for temperature and humidity.  And the best way to meet those guidelines is to adopt DCIM tools and environmental sensor technology as a part of your energy management strategy.
DCIM solutions along with environmental sensors positioned according to ASHRAE guidelines allow you to make informed decisions about how much cooling and air circulation is needed. Built-in predictive analytic capabilities, cooling charts, trend reports, and heat maps provide a holistic picture and ensure you are on the path toward increasing power usage efficiency (PUE).
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