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April 5th Phoenix DCIM Summit - Best Practices, Case Studies, and Tour

Dorothy Ochs
March 25, 2012

Get the latest trends in DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management), rack thermal management and best practices for data center design, build and operations.

Organization growth, data center consolidation and the need to provide more IT-based services place increasing demands on IT staff and data center resources such as electrical power, cooling capacity and space for IT equipment. To relieve these pressures data centers must become more efficient—extremely efficient. This event will present a series of real-world, end-user case studies so you will learn not only what efficiencies are possible but also how to make them a reality in your own data center.

This event will also include a tour of the IO Data Center - which is the largest commercially available data center in the United States to achieve Tier III Design Certification from the Uptime Institute.

You’ll see firsthand that not all data centers are created equal®.